The Menu

Timur and Janette have created a menu to share Turkey’s favorite food and pastries that can be found in every region of Turkey. Using locally roasted coffee and the finest of ingredients. Service at the bar or take these food and drink delights with you.

Designed for sharing you will experience incredible, fresh ingredients, halal meat and Turkish delights flown in from Istanbul. Pastries baked every day all day or made to your order. All paired with drinks that really speak for themselves.

Our baklava is not found in the USA. You will only find this regional baklava in specialty bakeries in Turkey!

They also invented Latte Turko. This latte uses the classic smooth yet filtered Turkish coffee.  People keep returning to experience its surprisingly smooth taste while also others return after learning that  this centuries old brew style prevents acid reflux.

Our lattes can be served with 5 different alternative milks: Oat, Almond, Coconut, Hemp or Soy. We have Nutella Lattes, Mochas, White Chocolate Mochas, Caramel and Salted Caramel Latte Turkos with unlimited torani syrup combinations. We have sugar free syrups and delicious decaffeinated Turkish coffee as well! Note: Try our coffee without sugar additions as people say since it is so delicious, sugar isn’t needed!!!












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